Sims 3 stole my afternoon

I am smart enough to know that if I start playing a game before working on anything that I’ll sit on that couch and be drawn into the world which is Sims 3.  Yes, I understand that but do I stop myself from turning that stinking Xbox on?  No. 

Today Steve went to work down South so we got to sleep in a little bit extra today.  I got myself all ready with my cup of coffee after he left and I just watched TV. I had the distinct intention of watching TV and then getting to work.  But those Sims, they call me. 

I didn’t spend the whole day playing Sims, I just spent the afternoon playing it when I could have been working.  So I admit, I’m a Sims 3 addict.  I love how I can make the little people have crazy lives.  I like how there’s no real strategy to the game, it’s just good (I wouldn’t say clean because those Sims can do some evil things to one another) fun.

So here me say now that I will try harder tomorrow to resist those alluring Sims.  I will not try to make the neighbourhood heartbreaker try to boyfriend every Sim in town nor will I  delight in getting the household kleptomaniac steal all the cars in the diner parking lot.  I will write my own work and not have my Illustrious Author Sim write 4 books on sci-fi so I can unlock the fantasy genre.   No, I won’t find the irony in that at all.  I reason with myself that once I start NaNoWriMo in 11 days (11 days?!) I won’t have time for Sims and I need to get my fill in now.  I also reason with myself that I’ll grow tired of the game and I’ll want to stop completely.  That happens sometimes but I can still stick with it. 

As Scarlett says, “tomorrow is another day” and I have a visit into town for my lunch date go to.  It’s going to be back in the 50s again so I shouldn’t freeze completely.  Ah, but that Winter is waiting for me around the corner. 

Speaking of Winter, Santa will be bringing me Sims 3 Pets.  I can’t wait!


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Married to Steve. Mother of Jack. Librarian IT Assistant. Writer, teacher, blogger, podcaster, technological princess.
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