A trip to Tynemouth Castle

Our trip to Tynemouth yesterday was a lot of fun.  I made a set of pictures on Flickr to show how neat the Priory and Castle was.  It was plenty cold up on that hill top but luckily I was bundled up so this Floridian girl didn’t get frozen by the North Sea winds. We’ve been trying to find places to go that are close by and, therefore, cheaper to get to than by train.  Tynemouth was a 30 minute subway (the subway in Meadow Well is shut down) and bus ride to get there. 

We walked down Front Street and saw Queen Victoria’s statue as well as The King’s School (Wow! Ridley Scott use to go to that school.)  There were lots of little shops and pubs to eat in, plus a church turned into a small mall for second hand stores and a eatery.  We stayed at the castle for a while and took a ton of pictures (so much fun.)  I was interested in the old graves and how archaeologists had lined out where the rest of the castle and priory where when it was originally built.  Old stuff is so neat.  It was neat how high up that castle was on the cliff, looking out towards the water.  Plus, the big Collingwood Monument off the coast and the Tynemouth Lighthouse was awesome.  Next time we go, we may go down to the water’s edge and look around too. 

Then once my memory card ran out of space, we headed back down Front Street to explore.  We ate at Hugo’s At the Coast and into the Green Ginger Shopping Arcade (the one that use to a working church.)  Then it was back to the bus, which I like because I can see the sites instead of being on the subway the whole time.  But the subway is quicker and we took that back into town.

There are a few places in that area that we’ll go see later on but one a day is about all we like to do.  It’s so fun to explore places like this that are down the street from us, practically.  I just wonder how this will look like with snow everywhere.  I know the States are getting some so we may be next.  Seeing a bunch of old graves the weekend before Halloween was quite fitting though.  Steve carved the pumpkin today too so tomorrow I’ll have to post a picture of the awesome creation. 

Happy Halloween, everyone!


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