C is for Carrie and Clueless

Carrie: This has always been one of my favourite movies because I really like the high school, teenage drama mixed with horror story. I love this because it was based on Stephen King’s first published book and most really good films are made from great writing. I love that The Greatest American Hero and John Travolta star in it. I love the 70s vibe (my guess is most students either have no idea about this movie or have seen the horrible remake.) I love that even though Carrie is a freak, you really empathise for her. I love that it isn’t freaky all the way through except in certain times and then it’s like, “Whoa, what the heck is going on?” We never really understand what’s going on either and that makes us drawn in because we’re new at this telekinesis thing as much as Carrie is. And the end, of course, the glorious, heart breaking end is just superb. The minute Carrie snaps on that gymnasium stage, you know everyone is going to get theirs. The bully gets her revenge in a sadistic way but you don’t mind, really. By the end, even the kind gym teacher is laughing at her (Or is she? Does Carrie only imagine this?) It’s good because Sue is the one who survives but the story isn’t completely over because Sue is still haunted by the terrible nightmares. That is the part that I always either turn the channel or hide my eyes. I don’t like things jumping at me.

Carrie White: I got invited to the prom.
Miss Collins: That’s great! That’s fantastic! So what are you down here moping around for?
Carrie White: Tommy Ross asked me.
Miss Collins: That’s even better. He’s really cute, huh?
Carrie White: I know who he goes around with. They’re just trying to trick me again. I know.

Clueless: Yes, I know of teenage girls who have never seen this. I don’t understand why but such travesties happen as children get left behind in pop culture. Clueless is loosely based on Jane Austen’s Emma (the next book in my “must read all of Austen” collection.) This movie is, in short, the funniest 90s girl movies we had available as kids. Ditzy Alicia Silverstone tries to get good grades by setting up the love affairs of her teachers, then tries to help her clueless new friend Tai (played by the late Brittany Murphy) find love in the circle of preppy, snobby clueless friends at her Beverly Hills high school. It’s cute, it’s silly, it has literary elements, good dialogue and a great cast. I don’t know if they would get how funny it is that talking on a cell phone is school is ridiculous, what a Contempo Casuals store is, or that The Cranberries were an alternative hip back in the day, but the basic story is great. Plus, the quotes from Cher are the best.

Josh: We might get Marky Mark to plant a celebrity tree.
Cher: Oh how fabulous. Getting Marky Mark to take time from his busy pants dropping schedule to plant trees.


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