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Discrimination, bullying, and other white people problems

At the elementary/primary school where I am volunteering, the teaching assistant and teaching assistant trainees (like me) have their own little lunch room to sit in. I’ve been there for, oh, a couple of months now and never ever had … Continue reading

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How busy is too busy?

I kind of knew when I signed up to do this Teaching Assistant training jazz, that I’d have extra things to go during the week. That was fine because I just have to go to school two days a week, … Continue reading

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New Parent Care in England–You’ve got to be kidding me

Recently, during a conversation for my husband’s birthday, my mother-in-law told us about when Steve was born. She mentioned: “Then the midwife comes to your house, you know?” Me: “To the house? You’re kidding me! Why?” MIL: “Oh, to check … Continue reading

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What’s Happening this Wednesday

Teaching – The teaching assistant gig has been going fine. We’re in our last term of the year and the regular teacher has taken over the class again. We have two student teachers in the class too so there’s lots … Continue reading

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