The Beautiful Blogger Award

I could get use to this each day.

I was honoured with a nomination for the Beautiful Blogger Award by Amelia Curzon. A million times, thank you for this honour. I appreciate it so much.

So, this is what happens when you’re nominated:

  • You write seven facts about yourself
  • You link to the blog of the person who nominated you
  • You link to seven bloggers whom you think deserve the award
  • You let those bloggers know they have been nominated

Seven Facts About Me:

  1. If we were to win the lottery, I’d want us to have a house in Hawaii. I’ve never been there but seeing pictures like the one above, I’m sure I could get use to living in a Polynesian Paradise quite easily.
  2. Once, when I was a little girl at Rockbridge Elementary SchoolI had on my new pink sweat suit. During recess, first thing in the morning, I attempted to go across the monkey bars only to fall in a large puddle. I had to sit on newspapers over the radiator in the principal’s office until my Mom showed up with a change of clothes for me.
  3. The first time I ever left Ohio was when I was in sixth grade during our annual Washington D.C. trip.
  4. The first car I ever drove was my parents’ silver Pontiac.
  5. I start my U.K. driving lessons this week!
  6. If I were stranded on a desert island (as in living in Hawaii) I’d bring my husband, our cat, my parents, my laptop, my Canon camera, my HTC phone and my Kindle Fire. Wait, was I only supposed to bring three things?
  7. While my hometown is Logan, Ohio, I moved to Titusville, Florida when I was twelve and lived there (after some years back and forth to Orlando) until 2010 until I moved to Newcastle, England.

Who Has Nominated Me:

The very kind and lovely blogger herself, Amelia Curzon who’s blog is at:

My Links To Seven Bloggers Who Also Deserve The Award:

A Discount Ticket to Everywhere is another Blogathon 2012 participant – this month she’s blogging A-Zs about children’s literature translations.

Books YA Love is a librarian who received her degree from Texas, just as I did. Her blog is fun and fresh with plenty of reviews of dystopian and romance novels for teens.

My Worldly Obsessions is a beautiful blog with book reviews. We’ve had some insightful conversations about books lately too.

ScifiWriterMom has discussed books with me before and gave me the best suggestion I’ve had in a while with The Iron King Series.

She Started It such a smart, interesting writer that I even follow her on Facebook. I love seeing what links she has and her When Do You Write interview section.

Suzie Tullett has a book on sale at Waterstones – about Mods! How cool is that? I’m so impressed by this. She’s very nice and writes interesting blog posts too.

YA Book ShelfMelissa Montovani has one of the best young adult book blogs online. I’ve followed it for quite a while now and even used her blog for a project during my MLS program.

Again, thank you so much for nominating me. I appreciate it so much!


About Suzanne Schultz Pick

Married to Steve. Mother of Jack. Librarian IT Assistant. Writer, teacher, blogger, podcaster, technological princess.
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